Variations » Shapes


Perfectly round pearls are fairly rare and are extremely valuable. The rarity is due to the eventual shape of the pearl which is determined by a number of highly variable factors which occur inside the oyster as the pearl is in its developing stage.


Formed in the shape of a pear or teardrop, the drop can either be "long" or "short", depending on its proportions. These pearls come in various sizes and make attractive earrings or pendants.


Baroque and semi-baroque pearls are both non-symmetrical and irregular in shape. Abstract in its shape, it can resemble a cross, stick or some other shape and are a popular choice for necklaces.


As the name implies, button pearls are in the shape of a button and are flattened to an extent, not in the form a sphere. Used typically in jewelry, the flattened site of the pearl is attached to the setting of the earring or pendant.