Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls, commonly referred to as “black pearls,” come in various dark attractive colors such as peacock, black, grey, and multitude of colors with green being the dominant one. The roundness and luster are two of the pearl’s finest qualities. Although its name suggests, Tahitian pearls are not always originated in Tahiti; however, Tahiti is the center of trading and commerce for black pearls.

The natural blackish color of the pearls derives from the black-lipped oyster, Pinctada margaritifera, which can be as wide as 12 inches in diameter and can weigh as much as ten pounds. Cultivated by man, this lustrous Tahitian pearl is formed like a child in a womb. However, once born, it needs no molding or shaping, just enrichment of its beauty.

The Tahitian pearl, significant for its rarity, is a symbol of royalty and wisdom. The “jewel of the ocean” is formed without any human intervention and is a true definition of nature’s creation.