Everlasting beauty » Pearl Care

The few tips below can maintain the timeless beauty of your pearls:

  1. Pearl jewelry should be kept separate from other jewelry in order to avoid scratches or other damage.
  2. Pearls should not be exposed to direct sunlight or heating for too long, since the outer shell may become dry and cause a change in the color or a loss of luster in the pearls.
  3. Do not bathe with pearl jewelry on. Swimming pool water contains a variety of chemicals, and the sea is not pollution free.
  4. Keep your pearls distant from body lotion, sprays, perfumes, and other chemicals to maintain their long lasting luster.
  5. After wearing your pearl jewelry, wipe the pearls gently with soft tissue or cloth, preferably cloth with some alcohol, to remove any element of dust or chemical.
  6. Place pearls in lukewarm water for about 15 min a few times a year. A mild detergent can help to remove any chemicals or dust particles. Rinse them in clean water afterwards.
  7. After washing the pearls, leave them to dry on cloth for 24 hours in room temperature.